We are the largest owner-operated kindergarten chain in the country, with over 30 centres nationwide. Each of our centres deliver a wholesome programme, along with substantial information, advice and guidance to support you along your way Come and check us out!
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A child's space means everything to them. It is a place where children feel free to explore and experience the world with wonder and imagination. Children are monitored and attended to by a teacher and one more adult assistant to ensure that each child's health and safety are safeguarded at all times.

Each centre is either constructed from the ground up or completely re-engineered and upgraded to include specially-designed environments dedicated to a specific facet of learning and activity.
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You and your child have a CHOICE. For the convenience of working parents and busy adults, R.E.A.L Kids offers extended programmes complete with a host of enrichment activities. For your child, we offer everything under one roof. This is because R.E.A.L Kids has programmes to meet your every requirement and need. However, at the heart of each R.E.A.L Kids programme is an equal and uncompromising level of care for your child's well- being.
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Our work at R.E.A.L Kids begins by uncovering how each child learns best. As a child progresses, gains confidence and derives enjoyment from their learning abilities, they can learn in a more positive and effective way. Based on the groundbreaking work of Multiple Intelligences or M.I. founder Dr. Howard Gardner, the R.E.A.L Kids M.I.-based programme is a multi-faceted learning approach which opens children to the full range of their learning prowess.
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R.E.A.L Kids, formerly known as CEC or Child Enrichment Centre, have been honing our craft since 1986 to become the largest owner-operated kindergarten chain in the country. Yet, we remain as passionate, driven and committed as ever. Wonder what sets us apart? Read more.
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