Dawn of a Pioneering Preschool

Founded back in 1986, R.E.A.L Kids is a transformation of an earlier iteration known as Child Enrichment Centre (CEC). Today, we are the country’s largest owner-operated kindergarten chain with more than 30 centres and 5,000 students nationwide. Our comprehensive programmes comprising a host of enrichment lessons and extracurricular activities complement our fully developed and holistic curriculum in preparation for both national and international syllabi.

Staying true to our name, R.E.A.L or ‘Results Enhancing through Active Learning’ is an educational philosophy that guides and inspires all our thoughts, ideas and endeavours. From the beginning, it has shaped our pioneering preschool programme to what it is today – one that is constantly delivering the mantra of ‘Transforming Kids through Active Learning’.

Much like the feathers on a peacock, of which no pattern on two feathers are identical, every child is unique and gifted in our eyes. At R.E.A.L Kids, we celebrate this distinctiveness and the talents that each child brings to the world by developing a way of learning which comes most natural to them. Here, children are not just given wings to let their individual strengths soar, but also to ensure that they develop strong roots in character values.

We understand that a child’s personal space means everything to them. To create a safe, conducive, pleasant and enjoyable environment, each R.E.A.L Kids centre is purpose built with child-friendly facilities. In short, we ensure that an enriching experience awaits each child at a place where they can explore freely and let their imagination wander.

The ratio of children to teacher and teaching assistants are kept to a minimum so that each child will receive personal care and attention at all times. Our kindergarten teachers are dedicated and passionate educators who are supported by a dynamic team of Curriculum Development Specialists to guide young minds, bodies and characters in transformation.


Establishing R.E.A.L Learning Centers in every community.



Transform Lives through R.E.A.L. Education.

Core Values

R.E.A.L Kids is guided by clearly defined core values dubbed the ‘5Cs’ that for the way we conduct ourselves and our preschools, of which we hope to instill in our nation’s future leaders.

Transforming Kids through Active Learning

As the kids undergo the nascent stage of growing up, we use active learning – hands-on experiments, exciting explorations and the latest learning tools and methodologies – to guide them towards a positive transformation. There are three major aspects of a child that we focus on in their journey of learning– the mind, the body and the character.

We transform the minds of children by focusing on developing their reading and writing skills, and helping them gain the ability to think critically and embrace creativity, as oppose to conforming them to the norms of society which conventional education is inclined to. Their physical transformation is tremendous at this stage, so we guide them to understand the changes in their bodies, in developing fine and gross motor skills, and in discovering latent talents early.

With the mind and body in a state of wellbeing, we also encourage them in forming a strong character for this will distinguish and elevate them from others in society. At this stage, their personality is still being refined by their experiences, so we surround them with an environment that cultivates positive personality characteristics. We also impart a sense of right and wrong as the beginning of moral consciousness and groom a sense of self and self-esteem which will stand them in good stead when they enter Primary schooling.