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Preschool is the only school environment where play and creativity are more important than worksheets and homework. Our preschool teachers use various activities leveraging on the concept of Multiple Intelligences to encourage the development and transformation of the minds, bodies and characters of our students.

Science has established that the most crucial phase of a child’s mental development begins from birth right up to the age of 6 years, leading to the brain being almost fully developed by the age of 9. It is absolutely pivotal to capitalize on these tender years by providing not only education, but a method of education that truly draws out the best qualities in our students.

The role of a preschool teacher here is quite different from those of other teachers. We use multiple ways to deliver an active learning lesson instead of a typical sit-and-listen kind of environment. If you choose this approach of ours, you will probably learn a lot about the unique way we teach. Regardless of how short your days may seem, your investment in this career will be as meaningful as the time primary and secondary school teachers spend with their students.

What Our Staff Have to Say


R.E.A.L Kids Supervisor
“I have had a lot of opportunities to learn from good colleagues, which makes R.E.A.L Kids very good environment to work in.. It is also a good place for personal and career development, as the principal is very encouraging, good at coaching and guiding the teachers. . With all this, I think that we have one of the best preschool curriculums in town.”


R.E.A.L Kids Assistant Teacher
ECE Graduate from UNITAR International University
“I would rate my working experience with R.E.A.L Kids as 5 out of 5 due to its good environment, an understanding principal and dedicated teachers I have already encouraged 3 junior teachers to join us because I think it is the best place for them to work with young children and learn more about the profession. Parents should really consider R.E.A.L Kids because of its unique programmes, passionate teachers, and wide range of extracurricular activities.”


Management Apprentice at R.E.A.L Kids
“My career experience with R.E.A.L Kids has been rewarding and I am so thankful to be blessed with a good mentor who has taught and guided me in teaching and management aspects of preschool education. Though challenging,I recommend junior teachers to join R.E.A.L Kids because in here you will have good mentors who are helpful and ever willing to teach.”

Working in R.E.A.L Kids

Working in R.E.A.L Kids is never dull as children are constantly listening, observing, learning and engaging. Our preschool teachers come up with imaginative ways to engage with young audience and prepare them for the structure of future school years.

We employ what might seem like a simple curriculum to assess the social and mental development of our students, and we help both children and their parents prepare for the school years that lie ahead.

With almost 30 years of experience in early childhood and care industry, we invite you to be part of a community of educators and staff that positively impacts the young minds of the next generation.


Senior Centre Manager & Business Partner, R.E.A.L Kids
If you are hardworking, honest and love children, it’s a perfect match!

Janet Lee started off her career path in 1999 as an Administrator, and then took on the role as Centre Coordinator before becoming Principal. She has progressed to her current positions of Senior Centre Manager and Business Partner overseeing the operations and management of four R.E.A.L Kids centres.


Senior Centre Manager & Business Partner, R.E.A.L Kids
Someone joyful, patient, compassionate, creative, responsible, diligent, warm and approachable is what we are looking for. A person who loves children and is passionate towards teaching and early childhood education is also vital.

Esther Yong is one of the pioneer members of R.E.A.L Education Group who was instrumental in setting up the kindergartens since 1992. For 23 years, her roles stretched from managing kindergartens to developing curriculum, training teachers, as well as participating in the business development of R.E.A.L Kids Centres. Besides being an advisor of preschool curriculum development, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Education majoring in Early Childhood & Care Education.


Senior Centre Manager & Business Partner, R.E.A.L Kids
We are looking for someone with good character, a natural love for children, a passion for teaching, and language proficiency. To me, ‘Outstanding Performance’ means being a team player and committed in time, energy and love. Putting the needs of children first and displaying leadership qualities. Self-motivated with good interpersonal skills is always a plus.

Ms. Malarini oversees the operations and management of five R.E.A.L Kids Centres. She has been with R.E.A.L Kids for more than 15 years and has gone through the entire career cycle with R.E.A.L Kids – from Assistant Teacher to Class Teacher, Principal and right up to Senior Centre Manager. She is overseeing everything from day-to-day teaching matters to the operation of her centres.

Career Advancement

The R.E.A.L Kids' Management Apprentice Programme (MAP) is a proven and systematic training programme to prepare you for key management position in the preschool industry within 2 to 7 years.

Upon the completion of MAP, you may advance yourself to various positions within R.E.A.L Kids. Some of the leadership management positions available include:

Advantages of MAP:

  • Hands-on learning on how to operate a quality and profitable preschool. You will be exposed to different areas such as Operations & Administration, Customer Service & Marketing, Teacher Management and Preschool Curriculum.
  • You will be groomed by experienced educators and industry experts to become one of the best in the country's most important industry – Education.
  • Having the golden opportunity to become an entrepreneur by becoming a Business Partner of R.E.A.L Kids.
  • Graduates of the ALFA College Diploma in ECE programme are entitled to special 'Education Rebates' upon their job confirmation as Management Apprentices.

Career Benefits

At R.E.A.L Kids, the overall well-being of our staff and their families is important. The company provides many valuable benefits, programmes and tools to help employees and their families better manage the various phases and developments of life. Depending on your experience, our total rewards package may include the following components:

Jobs Opportunities

Join us and further you career in a meaningful, challenging and rewarding way while helping to develop the country’s young generation. Please take time to browse through our website in order to understand our schools better. We have a list of job openings available. Interested candidates may access the Career page at  on our corporate website for more information on prospective employment.

Some of the vacancies available include:

  • Management Apprentice
  • Supervisor
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Subject Teacher
  • Class Teacher
  • Admin Assistant
  • Helper

For further information, please contact our

Training & Recruitment Department

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