R.E.A.L Kids began its first preschool in 1986 at Subang Jaya and went on to establish more centres throughout the years. It was initially named Child Enrichment Centre (C.E.C) back then, as we hope to enrich children beyond their regular preschool programme, which emphasizes on play and traditional nursery activities.

We changed our name to R.E.A.L Kids in 2007 – this was a result of our efforts in conglomerating all educational units from preschools to private and international schools under the name ‘R.E.A.L Education Group’. In this new R.E.A.L approach to education, learning is active and concentrates on enhancing the importance of children’s unique abilities and multiple intelligences in order to realize their full potential.

In 2001, we introduced the concept of Multiple Intelligences (M.I) in our preschools. Then from 2002 onwards, we have been conducting a series of intensive training for all our teachers on how to teach using the M.I. way. A curriculum review was later introduced, incorporating M.I. as an approach of teaching and learning in preschool curriculum. This also led us to becoming the pioneer and very first preschool in the country to adopt the Science of Multiple Intelligences in a preschool context.

Today, under the leadership of our founders, the M.I. approach is given greater attention and emphasis as a means of holistic education across all our centres under the Group.


Here at R.E.A.L Kids, we continually strive to provide the very best in the Early Childhood Care and Education industry. Below is a list of recognition that we have received due to this continued ethos: