Espousing the Joys of Learning

A child's mind is akin to a blank canvas that has the potential to be an artistic masterpiece. Here, it is pivotal that we shape the thoughts, ideas and emotions of children towards fulfilling their true potential. The journey of producing lifelong 'R.E.A.L Learners' has to be embarked from young. At R.E.A.L Kids, this embodiment can be seen in the enthusiastic and joyful faces of our students who walk through our doors every day - a direct outcome of our fun, hands-on and innovative learning approach.


Vishwajit’s parents
R.E.A.L Kids Cahaya Campus
I would like to thank all teachers at R.E.A.L Kids for providing my son with knowledge and love. Within a short stint, the teachers have inspired the joy of reading and learning in him. The art projects, cooking lessons and multiple intelligence approach are creative and provide many tactile experiences. His eyes light up with happiness from reading and the ability to work through something tedious and challenging.

The school itself is well equipped with facilities and resources to cater to my son’s needs. I like how R.E.A.L Kids centre is designed with numerous areas for self-exploration and group play that caters to a child’s varying interest.


Riku & Toya’s mother
R.E.A.L Kids Sunway
Thank you to R.E.AL Kids for providing my children with fun filled learning experiences in their early years. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy the variety of school events. Our family back in Japan are always excited to receive photos of the two kids exploring new activities such as sports day and fun camp.

When we tuck our kids in for the night, they keep telling us how much they love R.E.A.L Kids and are excited to go to school the next day. Our little 6 year old is ready to graduate to Year 1 soon. She keeps crying when we mention the new school as she will miss her friends and teachers at R.E.A.L Kids.

I am overjoyed at how much my children love R.E.A.L Kids and am happy to share the same sentiment.


Ashrrita’s parent (Pre-1)
R.E.A.L Kids Sunway
My daughter has learnt how to hold a pencil and to colour very fast. Her class teacher is very efficient and knowledgeable. She instills good discipline which contributes to continuous learning at home. The environment at R.E.A.L Kids is good and spacious. Overall, my daughter has enjoyed her first 9 months at school.


R.E.A.L Kids Sunway
R.E.A.L Kids has taught my daughter new knowledge and equipped her with good manners. Most importantly, she enjoys coming to school every day.

We are especially thankful to her class teacher, Ms Mei Ying and the Principal. We are satisfied and certain that sending our daughter to R.E.A.L Kids was the right choice.


R.E.A.L Kids Plus Shah Alam, Seksyen 8
The environment of the school surrounding and the teaching module package offered have fostered a great place for our son to have a safe and sound place to enjoy his classes from the beginning which he never gets bored. Every teacher and staff of this school have played a major role on molding our pride, Keshava Robert.


R.E.A.L Kids Plus Shah Alam
Seksyen 8
He was comfortable with the environment from the start and quickly regained lost ground as it was clear to us that he felt most interested learning at R.E.A.L Kids. It’s not just about the ability to learn the basics of reading and writing and counting etc., but the continued interest Omar hadbeyond school hours to pursue what had been learnt in school at home.


R.E.A.L Kids Plus, SS19 Subang Jaya
We're so thrilled to have found R.E.A.L Kids for our daughter. Not only is it an incredibly supportive environment for working parents with extended daycare options, but the teachers are so caring and patient with the children.

I have wonderful peace of mind knowing that my daughter is happy going to school every morning, and it is lovely to see him/her full of chat and stories when I pick him/her up after class.


6 years old
R.E.A.L Kids Cahaya Campus
I love my school because it is big, clean and colourful. I like my teachers because they are kind and helpful. My friends are nice and friendly. I am happy and proud to be a student of R.E.A.L Kids.


6 years old
R.E.A.L Kids Sunway
I like to join Fun Camp because it is fun and I can meet new friends. I have the most fun when doing arts and crafts.