Active Learning Approach of Multiple Intelligences (M.I)

At R.E.A.L Kids, we are all about transforming children through active learning. The process of teaching and learning here is profoundly active and vibrant. Being a pioneer in adopting the Multiple Intelligences (M.I) approach in preschool curriculum has proved to be highly effective and more importantly, enjoyable for our children.

Our work at R.E.A.L Kids begins by uncovering how each child learns best. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, we are able to apply the right preschool learning strategies and activities to support their needs. For instance, a child who possesses verbal linguistic intelligence would learn best through activities such as word games, rhyme recitation and storytelling.

It is also our aim to bring the joy back into learning. As a child progresses, gains confidence and derives enjoyment from their learning abilities, they can then learn in a more positive and effective way. Learning is more child-centred as opposed to the conventional teacher-centered way in which students are expected to just sit quietly and listen. In essence, we believe that ‘only when we know how children learn best, are we able to teach them’.