Holistic Curriculum and Passionate Teachers

Our passionate preschool teachers are trained to not only educate, but to also provide undivided personal attention and care to students, particularly those facing challenges in the classroom. On a daily basis, we are committed to building personal relationships with parents through the sharing of ideas and day-to-day school progress of their children in order to support their learning at home.

Backed by a team of dedicated, in-house Curriculum Development Specialists, R.E.A.L Kids teachers are well-supported with continuous professional training to enhance their pedagogy skills and lesson delivery. These trainings cover key areas such as classroom management, effective use of teaching aids, stages of child development and dietary guide for young children, among others.

Leveraging M.I. as the framework to identify how children learn, our curriculum development team has developed a holistic curriculum with a variety of activities to match the respective preschool learning needs and lesson objectives of the children. As the only ISO-certified preschools in the country, we ensure safety standards are constantly monitored, observed and maintained.