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October 28, 2016
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November 18, 2016

R.E.A.L Kids Hosts Educators from East Malaysia


On the 7th of September, R.E.A.L Kids Setia Eco Park welcomed visitors from the Persaturan Guru-Guru Tadika Sabah. A total of 33 members of the teachers association which consists of kindergarten operators, teaching staff and board members of the Sabah Early Childhood Educators paid an educational visit to the centre. After all, R.E.A.L Kids was one of the preschools the association had planned to visit in an effort to enlighten and educate fellow teachers in Sabah on how preschools in the peninsular operate.

2016_sabahvisit_03Upon arriving at R.E.A.L Kids Setia Eco Park, a tour was conducted by Principal, Ms. Lorraine and Centre Manager, Ms. Adelene. The visitors were fascinated by the unique structure of the building in which the centre was built; and intrigued by its overall look which seems unconventional for a preschool. Its distinct architecture even features a library ‘in mid-air’; under a glass roof to allow sunlight to penetrate as well as classrooms with sliding doors that overlook the trees surrounding the centre. This green environment concept helps to distinguish R.E.A.L Kids Setia Eco Park from the rest.

Apart from the tour, an informational and interactive Q & A session was organized between Ms. Adelene, Ms. Lorraine and the visitors.  Both women shared a lot of their knowledge and experience on the management of kindergartens in Malaysia; as well as the difference between franchise, owner-operated and independent kindergartens. The main topic of discussion however, was on best education practices in Malaysia as well as the methodology in teaching preschoolers. At the end of the visit, the Sabah Kindergarten Association presented R.E.A.L Kids Setia Eco Park a small token of appreciation for the warmth and hospitality extended to the group.

2016_sabahvisit_02The history of Persatuan Guru-Guru Tadika Sabah (PGGTS) can be traced as early as 1974 when a temporary association for all kindergarten teachers in Sabah was established. A year later, the PGGTS was formed. The association leads many efforts to promote early childhood education throughout urban and rural areas in Sabah. In-service training courses during school holidays are conducted for preschool teachers in the state. These include seminars, workshops, talks and other activities that increase awareness of the government’s education policy and promote quality preschool education among the public for the well-being of children in Sabah. Members of PGGTS consist of kindergarten owners, playschool operators, preschool teachers and professionals from all over East Malaysia who are interested in progressing early childhood education in both Sabah and Sarawak.

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