R.E.A.L Kids Paint Their Way towards Violence-Free Childhood

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September 30, 2017
CPCD Program Speech Contest 2017
December 23, 2017

R.E.A.L Kids Paint Their Way towards Violence-Free Childhood


A total of 28,365 cases of child abuse were reported to the Welfare Department of Malaysia from 2010 to 2016. Given this alarming statistic of violence among children, coupled with their vulnerability towards such negative experiences during their formative years; the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Council held its ‘National ECCE Week 2017’ from 21 to 28 October with the theme “Violence-free Early Childhood”.


In line with this theme, this year’s National ECCE week was aimed at increasing public awareness on the issue of violence against children in this country. Throughout the duration of the event, a host of activities and programmes were organized to address the need for violence-free childhood environments; including activities conducted by preschool centres, art competitions, and showcases.


As the country’s largest owner-operated kindergarten chain with more than 30 centres and 5,000 students nationwide, R.E.A.L Kids also took part in the aforementioned activities; and particularly made its presence felt in the Preschool Art Competition when three of its students proudly made a clean sweep of the contest. They were:

  • Ngo Ee Shyuan (R.E.A.L Kids Sunway) – 1st Prize
  • Megan Lee Cher Mae (R.E.A.L Kids Sunway) – 2nd Prize
  • Jaden Ho Wen Kaii (R.E.A.L Kids Bkt. Jelutong) – 3rd Prize

Congratulations to all the winners and their respective centres! Through imagination and creativity, these budding artists were able to make their young but no less important voices heard. Let us all do our part in keeping children safe so that they can continue to grow and develop into confident, committed and competent individuals who can make a real difference in this world.



“Violence against children includes physical, mental, and sexual abuse as well as injury, neglect, and exploitation. Unfortunately, like in most countries, only extreme child abuse and neglect cases such as disturbing injuries, sexual abuse or even death are reported in Malaysia; which is tragic and heartbreaking. Exposure to violence during early childhood years can also cause victims to pick up the same behaviour later on in life. Remember, all forms of violence against children are preventable.”

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