R.E.A.L Kids USJ 9 ‘Drives’ Blood Donation Campaign

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August 29, 2017
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November 30, 2017

R.E.A.L Kids USJ 9 ‘Drives’ Blood Donation Campaign


Every day, 180 litres of blood from at least 400 donors is needed to meet the current demand in Malaysia.  In view of that, the Ministry of Health targets to recruit at least 5% of the Malaysian population to become blood donors. Although the target is yet to be achieved, the total number of donors has been steadily increasing over the years.


In conjunction with Malaysia’s 60th Merdeka celebrations, R.E.A.L Kids USJ 9 in collaboration with the National Blood Bank, launched a blood donation drive on 26 August 2017 at its centre to raise awareness on the need for safe blood transfusion and the importance of donating blood to save lives. More than 30 donors comprising R.E.A.L Kids teachers, parents and members of the public took time off their Saturdays to contribute to a good cause by helping to replenish the country’s blood banks.


Upon completing a fact sheet and interviewed on their brief health history, the donors’ blood was screened for type, suitability and presence of diseases. Besides having to be physically healthy, individuals who were involved in high risk behaviours were not allowed to donate blood. Such strict selection procedures are necessary to guarantee the quality of blood donated. Friendly nurses and health care assistants helped to put the donors at ease by engaging them in small talk, while bread and water were distributed to the donors after the process.


The campaign was one of several community outreach events held by R.E.A.L Kids throughout the year. Such initiatives aim to spread the spirit of giving, sharing and caring; while fostering a sense of social responsibility among R.E.A.L Kids’ parents, staff, and the surrounding communities. It also helped to set a good example to the younger generation to be useful and contributing members of society.

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