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Alumni / 2 June 2021

Where Are Our Alumni Now? (Nate Yee)

“Nate graduated from REAL Kids after 3 years of pre-school education. These formative years had been very crucial in building his foun...

Alumni / 27 May 2021

Where Are Our Alumni Now? (Kenny Sim)

“My wife and I are proud parents to our children aged 10 and 8 years old this year. We have always believed that the right attitude an...

Alumni / 19 May 2021

Where Are Our Alumni Now? (Reshnu Suri)

“My experience with REAL Kids began in 1998 when I joined REAL Kids USJ 12,” said Reshnu Suri, a dentist and proud REAL Kids alumna wh...

6 May 2021

REAL Kids Kajang Prima Safeguards Children with The Nippon Paint VirusGuard

Congratulations to REAL Kids Kajang Prima for winning a painting package worth RM3,000 in the Parenthood Magazine-Nippon Paint Wellnes...

16 February 2021

REAL Kids Wins the Wellness Colouring Contest by Parenthood Magazine x Nippon Paint

The recent Wellness Colouring Contest organised by Nippon Paint in collaboration with Parenthood Magazine saw keen participation from ...

21 January 2021

Virtual Learning During Covid-19

As an urgent response to the increasing numbers of new confirmed cases of Covid-19, the Ministry of Education has recently issued guid...

15 December 2020

Choosing the Right Preschool for Your Child

Parents, what would you consider in choosing a preschool for your child? Do you think it is a tough decision?

1 December 2020

REAL Kids: Pioneer of M.I. Approach by Dr Esther Yong (Educationist)

Ever heard of this interesting story?

A young boy was not able to speak any understandable words until he was four years old a...

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