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Award-winning preschool

REAL Kids' Multiple-Intelligences or MI-inspired curriculum aims to develop each child's different areas of intelligence that include:


Our award-winning programmes have been awarded ‘Best Preschool Programme’ and ‘Best Trilingual Curriculum’ in Malaysia by Parenthood Magazine Malaysia (Parents’ Choice Awards 2019 & 2020).

Half-day Programme (8am – 12pm)

The Main Programme includes the core courses and activities that are required to prepare children for primary school. Here we also focus on building trilingual skills, exploring and nurturing creativity, developing thinking skills and helping children be confident with themselves and with others.

Language and Literacy

Developing early literacy skills in English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin.

STEM Science Discovery Programme

Hands-on experiments that nurture children’s inquisitive minds.

Character Building

Instilling positive character values and motivation for learning.

Health & Wellbeing

Developing both physical and cognitive fitness.

Community Building

Cultivating different types of kindness in children.

Expressive Arts

Cultivating music, movements, role play, creative play, and art projects.

Cognitive Fitness

Promoting children’s cognitive development through activities that improve cognitive function.

Full-day Programme (8am – 3.30pm)

Our Full-day Programme includes all Half-day Programme subjects plus the following:

Literacy Works

Extending opportunities for developing early literacy skills.

Building Effective Speaking Talent (BEST)

Teaching and developing public speaking skills in children.

Taste Buds

Teaching children cooking skills and encouraging problem-solving and confidence.

Squiggle & Splat (4 years old only)

Designed to enhance physical development through fun activities.

Money Smart (5 & 6 years old only)

Financial literacy that empowers children to make smart financial decisions.

Tools for the Minds (5 & 6 years old only)

Designed to enhance as well as help in the growth and development of the young children from the aspect of expanding their knowledge in mind mapping and questioning skills.

Brain Power (4 years old only)

Children are given the opportunity to express themselves through the many activities which helps in the growth as well as enhancement and development of the child’s brain.

Robotics Science (5 & 6 years old only)

This programme aims to create a platform to tap into the potential of creative and innovative young children.

*Programmes may differ based on types of centres.

Extended Care (3.30pm – 6pm)

The Extended Care Programme offers a wide variety of courses and activities. Different centres may have different classes available.

Junior Leadership Programme

Boosting self-esteem, teamwork, and communication skills via leadership roles.

Coding is Fun

Children design, create and express themselves with technologies in a fun way.


Teaching self discipline and self control through Martial Arts.


Mandarin/ Jawi/ Tamil

Islamic Class

Iqra' & Fardhu Ain

Musical Instruments

Piano/ Keyboard/ Violin/ Ukelele


Ballet/ Classical Indian Dance

Speech & Drama

Aims to enhance children’s early years creativity through drama, storytelling, poetry and rhyme.

Art & Craft

Children embrace their artistic side with various art and craft projects

*Programmes may differ based on types of centres.

Types of centre

Discover our unique centres with an in-house developed curriculum and enriching preschool programmes that provide your child with a full day’s worth of fun and wholesome learning experiences!

REAL Kids Tots
(6 months to 3 years old)

Early experiences affect the quality for higher cognitive development of the human brain. During the critical first few years of infancy, 700 new neutral connections are formed every second, contributing to children’s brain functions and learning. REAL Kids Tots* aims to foster safe, secure, caring, and stable relationships with infants and toddlers as a foundation for their future health and happiness.

*Available at selected centres only

REAL Kids First
(3 to 6 years old)

REAL Kids First offers an affordable and value-rich preschool education that incorporates thematic learning to cultivate young learner ability of knowledge integration. By offering children opportunities to learn a concept through different disciplines and modes; learning becomes more connected, coherent, and fun. The REAL Kids First programme is also aligned with the National Preschool Curriculum Standard to ensure seamless transition into formal, primary school education.

REAL Kids Plus
(3 to 6 years old)

REAL Kids Plus offers an enhanced learning programme for parents who seek more than just the ordinary. Its full-day holistic programme has been exclusively designed to prepare children for both international and national school curriculums. In addition to thematic learning, children are able to explore in a more engaging learning environment, where they are given better opportunities to develop ‘self sense’ and other essential skills.


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