Stimulating Intelligence

Multiple Intelligences (MI)

Multiple Intelligences (MI) is a theory formulated by Dr Howard Gardner from Harvard University. It is a systematic approach to nurturing and teaching children, honouring their individual needs and strengths. MI rests on the premise that every child is smart to varying degrees of expertise in each of the intelligences – stronger in some and less developed in others. REAL Kids Preschool Education engages children across all the intelligences, increasing their capacity to learn.

The MI approach creates a learning environment in which all learners are welcome and supported. These include:

  • Individualised teaching – Knowing as much as we can about each student in order to give every student the chance to learn and demonstrate their understanding in ways that they are most comfortable with.
  • Pluralised teaching – Teach students in a variety of formats and media, thereby addressing the multiple intelligences.
  • Active learning corners – Incorporating and using well-planned learning corners or centres where children can spend their time during free play.

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