Integrating Knowledge

Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Project-Based Learning involves teaching through engaging topics that allow the integration of meaningful learning in all content areas while also supporting development across multiple domains. Project investigations promote in-depth understanding and cover a wide range of relevant subtopics.

It encourages students to learn the lesson while doing the project. Instead of spoon feeding children with answers, PBL requires students to find out answers on their own.

In Depth Knowledge

PBL enables students to obtain more in depth knowledge of the subjects they are studying as children are more involved, active and engaged in their learning. In the process of completing their projects, children are able to:

  • Relate and apply what they learn to real life experiences
  • Investigate and construct new knowledge
  • Encourage collaboration with peers
  • Develop better communication and problem solving skills
  • Spark children’s curiosity and love for learning
  • Have confidence knowing that they can handle problems on their own
  • Encourage the use of analytical, creative, and critical thinking skills

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