Alumni . Posted on 30 June 2021

Where Are Our Alumni Now? (Joel & Joshua Cha)

“I started attending to REAL Kids USJ2 when I was 4 years old, my brother at 18 months old and graduated when we were 6,” says Joel, the elder of the two brothers.

“I still remember my class teachers from both years, Miss Lee and Mrs Rama. Though both of them may be very strict and sometimes my whole class was just too scared to walk up to them when we have made a mistake, both of these teachers were always dedicated at doing their jobs and always wanting us to learn more,” Joel shares. “Not just to both of these teachers but to the others at REAL Kids as well who were so loving and passionate at making sure the students grow into someone special.” 

Joel further continues, “The teachers were also very careful when it comes to the student's safety. Every morning the teachers will be there to greet the students when they come into the kindergarten. They also ensured that the students went into the correct car when school ended. Not forgetting the time and effort spent by the caretakers in preparing the nutritious and mouth watering food for us students. “

At REAL Kids, children are able to immerse themselves in a full day’s worth of wholesome, fun learning experiences via a unique, in-house developed curriculum and enriching after-school programmes. This was endorsed by Parenthood Magazine recently when, for the third year running, Malaysian parents voted REAL Kids as multiple winners of the Parents’ Choice Awards. This time, REAL Kids clinched a total of six awards, namely for:

  • Best Preschool Programme
  • Best Trilingual Curriculum
  • Best Kindergarten Centre
  • Best STEM Programme
  • Best Integrated Curriculum, and 
  • Best Innovative Learning Programme 

With more than 30 years of experience and award-winning expertise in preschool education, REAL Kids is also the largest owner-operated preschool chain in the country with 45 centres nationwide. Offering full-day and extended programmes which consist of a host of enrichment lessons and extracurricular activities, REAL Kids is able to cater to the needs and demands of today’s busy, working parents. These fun learning activities include LEGO Robotics, Culinary Arts, Money Smart, Junior Leadership Programme, Coding is Fun, and many more. 

“The classes we had there were very informative. We especially enjoyed the extra classes such as the clay classes and mental math classes. Both of them instilled creativity and proactive thinking for all the students who attended those classes. We loved the P.E. classes as well. One of the reasons was because every time there were swimming lessons, we could jump right into the swimming pool and have fun,” Joel said gleefully as he remembered the fun times. “It was always one of the moments we waited for every week.”

“Another memory that we enjoyed very much and will always remember were the holiday programmes. We would often go to fun-filled places like theme parks and butterfly parks,” Joel shares, clearly with excitement in his voice. “The students always enjoyed themselves. I remember a time we went to Sushi King and made our own sushi and the time we went to a chocolate factory and made our own chocolate. It was not only fun but it also helped us to know how it is to be behind the creation of these wonderful dishes,” Joel continues with appreciation. 

“In a nutshell, the memories we had in REAL Kids USJ2 will never be forgotten. It was a huge milestone for us. It's safe to say that in our opinion, REAL Kids is one of the best kindergarten schools out there. We have no regrets going to this school. We will definitely recommend REAL Kids to any of our friends who are looking for a kindergarten,” Joel shares with enthusiasm. “A great thank you to all the teachers who have cared and supported us during our kindergarten days. Without all of you what will become of us today?”

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