Alumni . Posted on 27 May 2021

Where Are Our Alumni Now? (Kenny Sim)

“My wife and I are proud parents to our children aged 10 and 8 years old this year. We have always believed that the right attitude and behaviour must be cultivated from a very young age. In our case, both of our children started their education journey with REAL Kids SS19 from the time they were merely infants (6 months old). We enrolled them in the REAL Tots Programme and they eventually completed their 6 years of early childhood education with REAL Kids,” said Kenny Sim, father of two REAL Kids alumni.

Coincidentally, Kenny is a REAL Kids graduate himself! Therefore, his children are the second generation of students in his family who are proud to have been part of REAL Kids. With over 30 years of history, it is not uncommon for former students of REAL Kids to enrol their own children into the preschool years and even decades later. This is testament to the trust, bond, and loyalty that REAL Kids has built with both parents and students ever since its establishment, as well as the profound impact that the preschool has had on every student who has walked through its doors. 

Kenny validated this when he said the following of his children - “Starting them young has a huge, positive impact to their development. We saw how they grew in every aspect of their lives from their ability to socialise and communicate, to their strong literacy skills. They enjoyed every moment of their education and even till today, they still speak highly of their kindergarten life”.

“The most noticeable development they acquired is the confidence level in everything they do. When comparing with their peers who were not from REAL Kids, we often get questions from other parents on how we developed our children because their own kids seem to be falling behind, especially with speaking simple words or sentences. Our answer every time is simple – just send your children to REAL Kids and do so early,” continued Kenny. 

This decision proved to be invaluable and priceless to the long-term development of his children, not least due to the unprecedented circumstances that we all found ourselves in during these pandemic times. “Just like many parents, the MCO has disrupted our children’s education in primary school. We were most worried for our son because he entered Standard 1 last year in 2020 when the pandemic first hit. Fortunately, the strong foundations that he received from REAL Kids enabled him to remain motivated and confident in catching up on his studies,” explained Kenny. 

“REAL Kids provides excellent facilities that are age-appropriate, and hire teachers who are caring and competent. Sending them there was one of the best decisions that we have made and could have ever given them,” said Kenny as he reflected on the indelible mark that REAL Kids had left on not just his children, but on himself as well. 

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